At fifteen years old, Isabela Nanni of South Bend, Indiana has already composed over a dozen beautiful songs. If you ask her, she’ll tell you that some of those songs took several weeks to write and that others came more effortlessly over a few short hours.  Some were easier to write than others, but all share the same fresh and honest sound that is so Isabela.  Once, she was asked by a local elementary school student to help write a song about butterflies. Isabela’s lyrics to that song and others give great insight into the way that she sees the world.  Another musician eloquently stated,  “it’s the extraordinarily genuine take that she has on life that will speak/sing/shout through whatever musical talent she has and that will cast a spell and enchant all who listen.” 

In the Fall of 2011, her first semester of high school, Isabela was invited to open for the legendary band Chicago in more than seven cities throughout the United States.  She also accompanied the band on her guitar and sang lead vocals for “If You Leave Me Now” and “Wonderful Christmas Time”.  

Isabela has performed in front of large and small crowds. But, her favorite concerts have been the ones given to senior citizens at retirement homes and for homeless families at the local Center for Homeless. She looks forward to upcoming performances at Memorial Children’s Hospital and fundraisers for those struggling with cancer and other health concerns.